Misencil Seducing the world with one lash at a time

Innovative and revolutionary, Misencil eyelash extensions give you a glamorous look with longer and fuller permanent eyelashes without damaging your natural lashes! Misencil eyelash extensions are soft, comfortable and waterproof. Our single-lash application technique meets the needs and requirements of women who care about their appearance and safety

How are Misencil eyelash extensions applied?

A certified Misencil technician will evaluate your natural lash type and inquire about your lifestyle and the desired effect in order to determine the type of application best suited to you.  You will then be invited to lie down on a comfortable beauty bed.

The certified technician will carefully protect your eyes with patches and medical tape.  Misencil offers two types of eye contour treatment patches – anti-wrinkle or instant lifting – to pamper your eyes while your eyelash extensions are applied.

The certified technician will then prepare your lashes before applying eyelash extensions one by one to your natural lashes using a special adhesive formulated in a laboratory in Canada specifically for Misencil eyelash extensions.  Each eyelash extension is delicately positioned 1 mm from the eyelid, never touching the skin.

She will then remove the patches and medical tape.Your technician will give you guidance and explain the Misencil care products designed specifically for your eyelash extensions so that you’ll be able to maintain your glamorous look as long as possible.

Now you have a glam look!  To maintain it, make an appointment with your technician for a touch-up session every 3 to 4 week's.


Full set all sizes & styles $150.00 plus  Travel fee (call for price)

1 week fill  $25.00

2 week fill  $50.00

3 week fill  $75.00

Because your eyes are priceless!

OPTIMUM EYE PROTECTION  The Misencil technique is by far the safest and the only one that requires the application of patches to protect the lower lashes and upper eyelids so that eyes remain closed throughout the entire procedure. RESPECT OF THE NATURAL LASH Your natural lashes will be thoroughly analyzed to ensure that they will be able to support your eyelash extensions and continue to grow naturally. HYPOALLERGENIC SYNTHETIC EXTENSIONS  All Misencil eyelash extensions are synthetic and contain no chemical additives or animal material to ensure there are no allergic reactions.


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